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ive been inspired

2010-06-02 20:43:01 by pik-man

i may be back in the animation buisness yet... the NG audio portal (as well as my cultures project) gave me insperation to learn the new flash layout... so look out world... a crappy animator is coming back!!!... i should change my pictures though... they were from when i was like 12 XD

good bye

2009-11-26 12:29:26 by pik-man

i'm not going to be on New Grounds much anymore, but i wanted to thank all the people who were nice to me, and everyone in the deadend collab who let me in even though i suck, and all the people who let my flash submistions stay, and tom fulp, for making my child hood alot better, but im moving on, just wanted to let anyone who is trying to contact me know

i beat 40 people!!! nothing hapened

look for the dead and collab tomarow

2007-09-10 15:30:17 by pik-man

on tues day the dead end collab is coming out... i'm also making something for the holloween contest(i want me one of those shirts!!!)


2007-08-20 09:26:07 by pik-man

i'm done with all collab parts... i can work on the interveiw thing... witch now that i think of it... i can ask some people from my callab

new website called pikbo

2007-08-10 17:57:10 by pik-man
join 2day... we are wanting new users 2 help the site get along... we have forums... and are working on more stuff... join please


2007-08-10 17:34:24 by pik-man

havnt been doing much... just playing games and i got alein hominid it is sweet... i got to work... i will eventualy


2007-08-05 08:14:58 by pik-man

ive done the interviews, now i need to actualy animate.
im also working on the redisin forthis web site.
i'm an admin on it


2007-07-28 21:51:11 by pik-man

Roaltyx and RobbieSkater are going to be interveiwed... i gots my hads full... i need to do story to tell and dead end and all... i set myself up for it though...

the colab is ending sooner then i thought...

2007-07-20 21:27:47 by pik-man

also my new thing will be an interview with my bud Roaltyx about his series sonic x games

i need to tie up lose ends on other projects too.

if you think your a good flash artist and wished to be interviewed then pm me...